"Well, I just have to say that it was the most docile flying machine I had ever flown, including fixed and rotor wing. It was also the easiest machine to fly. Why? Because it was designed and built RIGHT!!"

Dave DeWinter, former PRA Board member, CFI, and homebuilder.

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Advantages of the Little Wing

Advantages of the Little Wing compared with the commonly seen "pusher" type machines include:
  1. Increased Pitch Stability: Pilot induced oscillation (PIO) is virtually eliminated.Power-push-over (PPO) is impossible. This is due to the fact: (1). These aircraft incorporate large horizontal tail surfaces located well aft of the rotor thrustline and: (2). The propeller thrustline passes through the loaded center of gravity of the entire machine as well as the center of fuselage parasitic drag. Thus, there is no undue pitching moment created by engine thrust or fuselage drag at any speed or power setting.

  2. Better Crash Survivability: Nobody likes the thought of crashing. However, it is a fact of life in aviation and in all modes of transportation. The Little Wing Autogyro is built from welded, 4130 steel tubing and the pilot/passenger compartment is fully enclosed and framed. In the event of a crash you are afforded "Roll-cage"protection and the risk of serious injury is diminished considerably over any open-framed type 'gyro. Also, the engine-in-front arrangement will absorb much of any forward impact force generated in an accident, before it reaches the cockpit.

  3. Better Engine Cooling: With the engine in front, cooling air is undisturbed and the engine is not deprived of this important ingredient in engine longevity and reliability.

  4. Increased Propeller Efficiency and Decreased Noise Levels: Undisturbed airflow into the propeller disc means better performance and much less noise generation. Also, propeller length is not limited by airframe considerations as is the case with "pusher" arrangements. This means longer, more efficient props may be utilized to obtain optimum performance.

  5. Eliminates Potential Propeller/Rotor Damage: Parts such as bolts, screws, nuts and washers have a habit of coming loose and passing through the propeller on "pusher" aircraft. This creates the very real hazard of damage to the propeller and likely, the rotor, if the part gets thrown into the rotor disc by the prop. This potential hazard is eliminated with a tractor configuration. Also, objects on the ground are never thrown into the prop by the wheels during ground operations.

  6. Greater Utility: The Little Wing Autogyro is more adaptable to various uses simply because it is fully enclosed (if desired) and has ample baggage space to carry personal effects, has conventional landing gear which allow operation from rough fields and can cruise at speeds which make it acceptable for cross-country flying.

  7. Classic Looks: Last but not least, Little Wing Autogyros have the "look" of the original Cierva, Pitcairn and Kellett Autogiros of yesteryear....but in a smaller, transportable, storable and more affordable package, designed with the homebuilder in mind.